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Nolans Road

Robust Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Robust Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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NOLANS ROAD ROBUST has been widely acclaimed by chefs and food writers right from our first bottling in 2004. Bursting with vitality, food lovers delight in the flavor it brings to their food. UK television host Nigella Lawson says it’s her favourite olive oil and Australia’s doyenne of food writers,  Stephanie Alexander, described it in The Age newspaper as “outstanding”. Lovers of this style of extra virgin olive oil are seeking the green, grassy, peppery characteristics that come from our Italian varieties of olives specially picked at the beginning of the harvest season (April or May depending on what the growing season has been like).  Those Italian varieties  –  frantoio, leccino, signora and pendolino  –  also give the oil its signature fragrant nose up front.  We grow all of these varieties in our original Nolans Road certified organic olive grove in Hynam, near Naracoorte, in South Australia’s Limestone Coast. We are also thrilled to have a partnership with fellow certified organic growers who are as passionate as we are about quality and sustainability.

Nolans Road Robust is bottled unfiltered.  Once they are pressed, we leave our oils to settle naturally over  the winter months before they are carefully blended to ensure a balanced, delicious extra virgin olive oil.  Match our Robust with strong, punchy flavors  –  rocket salads, rich soups and stews, red meats or just grab a chunk of the best bread you can find and dunk it straight in a dipping bowl of the good stuff!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Only olive oil of the highest quality can be called “Extra Virgin”. Legally, an olive oil can only be called “Extra Virgin” if it passes strict chemical analysis tests in an industry-accredited laboratory. Our oils are assessed every season and fall well within the legal boundaries of the definition. 

Nolans Road Robust 2023 Test Results: Free Fatty Acid content: 0.2% (Maximum allowed 0.80%) Peroxide value: 5 (Maximum allowed 20).

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