Novello Feast

Food, Wine and Live Music  -  Infused with the Novello Spirit!

Saturday, May 21, 2-8 Parsons Lane, Rozelle

The spit will be sizzling with suckling pig and lamb as some of Sydney’s top chefs prepare a five course feast featuring Nolans Road Novello* extra virgin olive oil.

COOKING will be:

ALASDAIR MCKENNA most recently head chef at Tabou...ALEX KEARNS exec chef at Glebe Point Diner and Neutral Bay Bar and Dining…MARTA GARRIGA SANROMA head chef and owner of pica pica catering…MICHAEL MENEARY ex-exec chef at Rockpool and now Mike’s Table.


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Dandy in the clos


shobbrook wines

lucy margaux

Bottle and glass

PRICE 100 tickets at $125 each. TO JOIN IN please email

* Novello, or Nuovo, is  just-crushed, unfiltered oil in it’s raw state before it matures and settles in tanks over the winter months to become the olive oil with which we’re all familiar. It’s an untamed, frisky young thing with a distinctive pungency, vitality and fruity quality that should be used lavishly and within three months of pressing. It’s hard to find, but if you can it’s a real treat, something they understand in Italy where the annual tasting of the oil taken immediately off the first press is a great ritual for food lovers.

This limited run of Novello from Nolans Road comes from certified organic trees and is hand-picked right at the beginning of the upcoming harvest season in South Australia. Dee has chosen two Italian varieties for our Novello – Frantoio and Leccino – and we’re all waiting with baited breath to hear how it goes. As with wine, the weather during the growing season dictates the flavour profile of olive oil so the first pressing of the year’s olives is always eagerly anticipated. As soon as they’re picked, the olives will be taken straight to the olive press and the brand new oil despatched to Sydney for the dinner.

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