Kylie Kwong - It Tastes Better

"From the moment I tasted Dee’s oil, I knew I could
not bear to live without it. It literally revolutionised
my way of cooking, and we now use it in the
majority of dishes in my restaurant."

Sydney chef Kylie Kwong has visited our Nolans Road olive groves and writes about them in her latest book, It Tastes Better, published  by the Lantern imprint of Penguin.

For details of the book, visit: It Tastes Better: over 100 new recipes using my favourite sustainable produce.

For details of Kylie’s National Book Tour, her restaurant Billy Kwong and Billy Kwong at Eveleigh Farmer’s Market, visit:

Extracts from It Tastes Better reproduced with the kind permission of Penguin Group (Australia).

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